Help I am addicted to just one escort

I never thought that this would happen but I have in fact become addicted to dating just one escort. Lexus is one of the most stunning females that I have ever met, and when I ever hit London, the first thing I do is to pick up my phone and call Charing Cross escorts in In recent years, this has become a normal reaction for me, and the minute I leave Heathrow airprt, I know that I am for a treat with Lexus.

Lexus is so sexy and by the time I come into central London, I can feel that my loins are already burning. Fortunately I know that pulsating feeling in my trousers that does not want to go away is going to be satisfied when soon after meeting up with Lexus from Charing Cross escorts. She goes down on her hands and knees and shows me exactly what she can do with those smouldering lips of hers. I love grabbing her long brown hair and twisting it in my hand as she goes to work on me. Sure, we may be passionate, but with Lexus there is always time for more.

I would not say that Lexus is a kinky girl, but she does have her own ideas and I love to share in them. She says that she loves to spend time with me, and when she has heard that I have called Charing Cross escorts and asked for her, she knows that she will feel the benefit of my long and sticky tongue. This little slut from the North of England likes nothing better than speaking in tongues and she says there is nothing compared to my tongue. Well, I can tell when she is enjoying herself and when she needs more action.

With her long dark hair, long legs and firm assets, she is one of those girls that you can’t get enough of in a hurry. I have actually tried not to call Charing Cross escorts, and wean myself of this ageless beauty, but I simply can’t. On occasion I love nothing better than to indulge in her for a 12 hour period. I just make sure that I have plenty of cash with me when I travel to London. Although I am sure that a lot of the guys at work would understand why I am so addicted to Charing Cross escorts and Lexus, I am peetty sure that my boss would not want me to have so a variety of adult fun ob my trips to Swinging London. Now where was it you wanted me to stick my tongue again darling Lexus…. I am sure that I can find the perfect way to treat you just right tonight. Just as long as you know, I will be in London for five days, so do you not think that it is better than we take it a bit steady? After all, I don’t want us to become bored in each other company, but I doubt that will ever happen when it comes to us.

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