An Amazing Experience For A Mid-Aged Man With An Escort

It is quite common for widowers to avoid relationships for a while after their spouse dies, if they ever in fact date again. Escorts come handy in helping these men have a healthy sex life since there are no attachments after sex. Since these are experienced players in sex, they require a lady who can satisfy their needs. Charlotte action escorts pride themselves in their unparalleled excellence in providing superior services to their clients.

Anthony was one of these types of clients. His wife had passed away 4 years ago and he was definitely in need of some good sexual release, but he did not want to actually get into a relationship. He hired an escort to assist him with his sexual needs with no strings attached. When she arrived Anthony could hardly contain his excitement. The escort ensured Anthony was prepared for sex by making him admire her naked body as she imitated a pole dance. She masturbated by inserting her finger into her vagina and licking it before coming on the bed to where he was seated with his erect penis ready for her wet pussy.

She knelt down and leaned towards his groin for the penis and thrust it into her mouth. He felt that this was the best blow job he had ever had performed on me. She sucked it starting from the head to the ring area with her teeth gently scrubbing its stem until he could not hold his ejaculation any longer. He came into her mouth and she swallowed it all! They rolled onto the bed where he caressed her beautiful and tender breasts while she in return massaged his shoulders and neck area. He thrust his middle finger into her wet vagina as they waited for his penis to achieve a second erection.

She had a fetish for licking fingers wet with her vaginal secretions which made her so desirous of a fuck. She suggested that he penetrate her from behind and assumed the right position for the perfect doggy style. Anthony thrust his hard dick into her wet and sweet smelling vagina and started thrusting into its base with his testicles clapping against her vaginal walls, which made her moan with satisfaction. She alternated the rhythm from tight to light grips with her vaginal muscles, which made it very sweet as he kept pushing harder. They both achieved orgasm together and then collapsed onto the bed to rest. The fuck was an experience second to none. Anthony knew then and there that he would be continuing to use this escort service to meet his sexual desires.

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